Ik ben geïnterviewd door Marzano Caffè!

Marzano Caffè is begonnen aan een reeks interviews met inspirerende koffieliefhebbers die ze kennen via Instagram. Ook ik heb de kans gekregen om via hun platform mijn verhaal te mogen doen! De interviews zijn uitgeschreven in het Engels en bestaan allemaal uit dezelfde zeven vragen. Ik voelde mij zo vereerd dat ik de vragen meteen heb beantwoord. Onderstaand lees je een klein gedeelte van het interview. Via deze link kan je het volledige interview lezen!

interview met barista

Tell us about yourself. Who are you and what do you do in life?

Hi there! Nice to meet you. My name is Rebecca. On Instagram you might know me as @bakkiemetbecca, which – roughly translated – means: coffee with Becca. Believe me, it sounds better in Dutch! (-;

Whenever I’m not sitting in a coffee place, sipping cappuccinos and typing on my laptop, I’m probably working behind a bar myself. I’ve been a barista for a few years now and I’m not planning on dropping those portafilters any time soon. Coffee drives and inspires me. That’s why I also started an Instagram account on which I share my coffee experience and learn from others. Besides that, I just stepped into the world of freelancers as a copywriter. So, hit me up for some coffee or copy anytime!

How did you discover your passion for coffee?

Until very recently, all of my jobs have been in restaurants. Waiting tables, doing dishes and – most of all – admiring the baristas. The way they made coffee with so much passion, talked about it with joy in their eyes and drank it as if it was the best thing they ever tasted.

I myself hated the taste of coffee and yet loved the world of it. Because of that interest, I wiggled my way behind a La Marzocco. And after watching other baristas pour the most beautiful patterns for quite some time, it felt super natural to hold a milk jug myself. So, there I was: pouring pretty cappuccinos before I even started drinking them…

After a lot of espresso tasting I eventually got used to the flavors and replaced my standard caramel latte for a cappuccino. To this day I still think cappuccinos are the tastiest coffee drinks ever. Try and convince me otherwise! Lees verder

huskeecup foto

Het Engelse interview met Marzano Caffè is door mij geschreven. Benieuwd wat ik nog meer schrijf? Bekijk het hier!

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